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3D Printing Service

    • SLS

      Contact NowSLSSLS Selective laser sintering was commercially developed in the mid 1980s in Texas, although a similar process dates to 1979. SLS prototyping is a similar manufacturing process to SLA, but SLS uses a much higher power laser to bond plastic powder together to form a 3D prototype. Typically, selective laser sintering uses Polyamide (Nylon). It is also possible to use glass-filled nylon in SLS prototyping. ​Read More

    • service level agreement sample SLA

      Contact Nowservice level agreement sample SLASLA The first stereolithography machine was perfected in 1987 and gave birth to the rapid prototyping industry. SLA prototyping is a process whereby a laser converts a liquid photopolymer into a solid plastic prototype layer by layer, with each layer being slightly different. By joining the layers together, a 3D model is built. SLA prototypes can be made in a wide range of materials with very good mechanical properties.Read More

    • cost of 3d printing 3D Printing

      Contact Nowcost of 3d printing 3D Printing3D Printing 3D printing (or additive manufacturing, AM) is any of various processes used to make a three-dimensional object.[1]In 3D printing, additive processes are used, in which successive layers of material are laid down under computer control.[2] These objects can be of almost any shape or geometry, and are produced from a 3D model or other electronic data sourceRead More

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